Eclipse Proclaim

Eclipse is the UK’s leading provider of Case, Matter, Practice and Process Management Software, and is Endorsed by the Law Society.

Our 'Proclaim' solution is the de facto system for Alternative Business Structures, and is in use by over 25,000 professionals within the legal, commercial, medical, insurance, Government and charity sectors.

Part of Capita Plc, Eclipse employs over 170 staff at our West Yorkshire HQ, providing a ‘full service’ offering from initial needs analysis right through to implementation and aftercare support.  Our ethos is a concise and unambiguous one – to provide software solutions which enable you to be more effective.  Our clients range from household name organisations through to niche market operators and sole practitioners. 

Proclaim integrates case management, document management, reporting, accounting, time recording, task and diary functions into one desktop tool.  The system has grown organically to become the most flexible and complete solution available, covering every area of legal services.

Our recently-released 'TouchPoint+' solution provides an unrivalled level of accessibility for your clients and customers - the ultimate legal self-service tool whilst utilising your own branding and visual identity.

To see how Eclipse can drive your business forward, please contact us: 

Tel: 01274 704100

Email: darren.gower@eclipselegal.co.uk

Web: www.eclipselegal.co.uk

Twitter: @Eclipse_Legal

VFS Legal

VFS Legal Funding provides cost effective, modern and proven funding directly to the law firm. 


A strong cash flow and financial stability gives the law firm the upper hand in bill negotiations, increasing the profitability on the case by removing the need to accept low settlement offers. 


In the 8 years we have been active, VFS have provided in excess of £120m across 60 law firms releasing the monies locked up in the draft bills; disbursements; court fees and WIP.


We pride ourselves not only on our proven track record of delivering a quality service but being able to maintain close working relationships with our clients, tailoring our products to their specific needs and being cost effective – meaning low interest-only payments. We are very proud to say once a firm uses our facility, they continue to do so going forwards as it gives them the freedom to achieve their goals.


To summarise, VFS enables the law firm to release the cash tied up in external disbursements incurred or release the WIP that’s tied up in a case where there is an admission of liability. 

Feel free to give us a call to discuss ways on how to improve your firms cashflow. 


CostsMaster lead the way in providing the best legal costs drafting software products for costs lawyers and solicitors. 

CostsMaster was developed by draftsmen who were seeking a more accurate, efficient and reliable method of preparing bills of costs.  It has evolved over the last 15 years into the market leader, not only for bill and budget preparation but also for Legal Aid claims and case plans. 


CostsMaster is the company behind two comprehensive costs drafting products:

  • CostsMaster Draftsman is the UK’s number one cost drafting software for costs lawyers

  • CostsMaster Quota is a budget management package for solicitors


Historically, CostsMaster has provided legal cost drafting software for costs lawyers and draftsmen but with the introduction of costs management, leading to the increased involvement of solicitors in the preparation of costs budgets, CostsMaster expanded their offering.  Specifically for use by solicitors, a stripped back version has been developed for the preparation of costs budgets and N260’s.

You can read more about the features and benefits of CostsMaster Draftsman here – http://www.costsmaster.co.uk/products/draftsman/

You can read more about the features and benefits of CostsMaster Quota here – http://www.costsmaster.co.uk/products/quota/

Conscious Solutions

Over fifteen years ago Conscious Solutions was started as a web design agency aimed specifically to improve the online presence of law firms. 


It eventually became the bright, friendly and very orange company it is today: Conscious Solutions. We live by the simple mantra:“It's not just about having a good looking website - it's about what you do with it once you've got it!”

At Conscious Solutions, we want to help you realise your potential by bringing you out of your shell into the digital spotlight. Whether you need help building a new website, a complete rebrand or you’re having trouble with your social networks, we provide a range of creative services for law firms looking to make their online presence pop. We’ll listen to your ideas and work closely with you every step of the way to ensure you’re getting the most out of your website.


SmartSearch is a unique Anti Money Laundering (AML), Fraud Prevention and Know Your Customer (KYC) platform which incorporates fully automated Sanction, PEP, SIP and RCA screening, along with Daily Monitoring.   The SmartSearch platform is a “one-stop-shop” platform to verify both Individuals and Businesses in 3 seconds and 2 or 3 minutes respectively.

We continue to innovate in this specialist area creating the very best AML, Sanction & PEP screening technology.   The latest version of SmartSearch incorporates a number of unique features such as automated “Sanction and PEP Alerts” that are emailed to the MLRO and /or the Compliance Team.   Daily Monitoring of our client’s customers against any Sanction and PEP changes ensures you and your business remains fully compliant and protected for the life of your contract.    Where a Sanction or PEP match is encountered SmartSearch collates and presents Biography information, Adverse Media and Photographic Evidence to enable automated or manual Enhanced Due Diligence.

Our principal Data Partners are Experian, Equifax and Companies House.  We also licence the Dow Jones “Watchlist” to support our Client’s Sanction & PEP screening, this comprises over 1,100 Regulatory Sanction & PEP Watchlists.   

SmartSearch already serves 1 in 4 of the top Law Firms and 1 in 3 Accountants use SmartSearch, over 4000 firms and 40,000 users.


For over 30 years, Denovo have been successfully providing UK law firms with software business solutions that boost the bottomline, improve office efficiency and maintain Law Society compliance. In 2019 and we embarked on an ambitious software development plan and completely re-designed our software from the ground up. As a result, we have developed unique whole practice management software, known as CaseLoad, for UK based legal practices of all sizes. Developed with ease of use and functionality in mind, the fee earner has never been more informed.


We know running a law firm is competitive. Our software gives you the competitive edge with the most modern features and range of choice in the market. We’ll become partners, with our expert team guiding you all way. Thus, allowing you to reap benefits such as; working smarter, reducing duplication, driving more profit, happier clients, your own time back, being more organised and much more.


Our mission is simple…


To combine proprietary technology and the best talent to develop unrivalled, universally accessible, whole practice management software. We focus on the needs of our partners by pointing out practical applications for our product in the day-to-day life of the average lawyer. By forging connections with the legal profession, we provide smart, time saving solutions allowing firms to focus on the most important aspects of their business – serving their clients and generating profit.

Insight Legal

Insight Legal is an award winning legal accounts, case management and practice management system, specifically designed to meet the needs of UK and Irish Law Firms.  

As one of the few remaining independent software suppliers, our goal is to provide exceptional software and services to firms ranging from sole practitioners to multi-branch practices.

Our team bring together decades of experience with Solicitors` practices to provide you and your firm with a system that meets your needs and support that goes beyond just help on the software.

Insight Legal is both easy to use and easy to move to. With no prohibitive upfront software costs and a simple 30 day or 12 month rolling contract, moving to Insight Legal will be quick, easy and hassle-free.  

At Insight Legal we provide a friendly service, frequent product updates and telephone support from experienced legal cashiers.  We also take a straightforward approach of being open and honest, don’t use jargon or complicated pricing structures and won’t try and sell you anything that you don’t need.  If we don`t think that our software is right for you, we will be the first to tell you.

To our customers, we pride ourselves on being a valued partner and not just a software supplier.

Bar Squared

Bar Squared is the author of the No.1 chambers management software - LEX Chambers Management.

Installed in over 270 chambers worldwide and used daily by more than 12,000 barristers and clerks. LEX is the core business application for 80% of chambers in England and Wales, 100% in Scotland and 25% of the Victorian Bar in Australia, not forgetting those in Singapore, Hong Kong and Barbados.

LEX now integrates with Xero to automatically insert payment data, at the point of receipt, directly into individual barrister versions of Xero. The hassle-free solution to MTD for VAT.

Scalable, feature rich, regularly updated with new functionality and supported by an experienced team of professionals that understand the ever-changing regulatory landscape LEX - the preferred choice for barristers’ chambers. 

To find out more you can call our sales team on (0116) 272 5002 or email david.connolly@barsquared.com 

Perfect Portal

Perfect Portal is a new business management system that empowers legal professionals to take advantage of every opportunity through a convenient, fully integrated and easy to use online platform. Whether the firm is looking to provide transparency, speed up their quoting process, manage their referral network or engage with their clients and keep them informed, Perfect Portal provides a simple solution for effective new business management that improves profitability. On average, Perfect Portal clients are now converting 70%* of quotes across online, private and referred work. Perfect Portal platform can be used by sole practitioners to large firms with multiple branches. 


Offering a technology-forward approach to manage the entire process from quoting to conversion and client and referrer relationships, Perfect Portal is an easy to use platform for law firms to grow their business.


“Having turned to Perfect Portal for our conveyancing quoting, I can say that the calculator has transformed the way we quote and manage our conveyancing transactions. Having used the system for less than 6 months we have seen our conveyancing conversion almost double and this is without winning new referral work. We are now expanding our department to deal with the new work we have won.” – Askews Legal LLP


About poweredbypie

Property Information Exchange Ltd trading as: poweredbypie provides solutions for conducting property searches in addition to developing technical solutions tailored to the needs of the conveyancing industry. Our IT systems process over 3 million individual transactions each year. We process 8,000 Search packs every month and nearly half a million searches a year. poweredbypie’s clients are as diverse as solicitors, estate agents, DEAs, surveyors, panel managers, regulated search agents, and search resellers. 


Our goal is to be the number one supplier of technology to the property market but we look at things differently. By understanding how our customers work, we unlock the power of technology to help clients streamline processes, track progress and deliver best results by managing everything in one place. Our mantra is ‘clever thinking, simple solutions’ designed to help clients move forward in-line with a changing world.


For further information please see: www.poweredbypie.co.uk


About Brighter Law

Brighter Law Solutions is the trading name of our solicitor-facing business development brand. We also sell conveyancing searches through a number of other channels.

The Cashroom

The Cashroom is an award winning company that was founded by Catherine O’Day in 2008 to provide outsourced legal cashiering and finance director services to solicitors. At the beginning of 2011, The Cashroom Ltd employed 4 people and had 6 clients, in 2013 the business relocated to accommodate rapid growth. It now has numerous offices around the UK and prides itself on staff training and growth.

Alongside the original Legal Cashier service, Management Accounts and Payroll services are now an integral part of the business with many of our clients outsourcing their entire finance function to The Cashroom.

Our attention to detail ensures firms remain compliant with their regulatory bodies rules letting law firms concentrate on what matters to them – their clients.

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