Eclipse Proclaim

Eclipse is the UK’s leading provider of Case, Matter, Practice and Process Management Software, and is Endorsed by the Law Society.

Our 'Proclaim' solution is the de facto system for Alternative Business Structures, and is in use by over 25,000 professionals within the legal, commercial, medical, insurance, Government and charity sectors.

Part of Capita Plc, Eclipse employs over 170 staff at our West Yorkshire HQ, providing a ‘full service’ offering from initial needs analysis right through to implementation and aftercare support.  Our ethos is a concise and unambiguous one – to provide software solutions which enable you to be more effective.  Our clients range from household name organisations through to niche market operators and sole practitioners. 

Proclaim integrates case management, document management, reporting, accounting, time recording, task and diary functions into one desktop tool.  The system has grown organically to become the most flexible and complete solution available, covering every area of legal services.

Our recently-released 'TouchPoint+' solution provides an unrivalled level of accessibility for your clients and customers - the ultimate legal self-service tool whilst utilising your own branding and visual identity.

To see how Eclipse can drive your business forward, please contact us: 

Tel: 01274 704100



Twitter: @Eclipse_Legal

VFS Legal

VFS Legal Funding provides cost effective, modern and proven funding directly to the law firm. 


A strong cash flow and financial stability gives the law firm the upper hand in bill negotiations, increasing the profitability on the case by removing the need to accept low settlement offers. 


In the 8 years we have been active, VFS have provided in excess of £120m across 60 law firms releasing the monies locked up in the draft bills; disbursements; court fees and WIP.


We pride ourselves not only on our proven track record of delivering a quality service but being able to maintain close working relationships with our clients, tailoring our products to their specific needs and being cost effective – meaning low interest-only payments. We are very proud to say once a firm uses our facility, they continue to do so going forwards as it gives them the freedom to achieve their goals.


To summarise, VFS enables the law firm to release the cash tied up in external disbursements incurred or release the WIP that’s tied up in a case where there is an admission of liability. 

Feel free to give us a call to discuss ways on how to improve your firms cashflow. 


CostsMaster lead the way in providing the best legal costs drafting software products for costs lawyers and solicitors. 

CostsMaster was developed by draftsmen who were seeking a more accurate, efficient and reliable method of preparing bills of costs.  It has evolved over the last 15 years into the market leader, not only for bill and budget preparation but also for Legal Aid claims and case plans. 


CostsMaster is the company behind two comprehensive costs drafting products:

  • CostsMaster Draftsman is the UK’s number one cost drafting software for costs lawyers

  • CostsMaster Quota is a budget management package for solicitors


Historically, CostsMaster has provided legal cost drafting software for costs lawyers and draftsmen but with the introduction of costs management, leading to the increased involvement of solicitors in the preparation of costs budgets, CostsMaster expanded their offering.  Specifically for use by solicitors, a stripped back version has been developed for the preparation of costs budgets and N260’s.

You can read more about the features and benefits of CostsMaster Draftsman here –

You can read more about the features and benefits of CostsMaster Quota here –

Conscious Solutions

Over fifteen years ago Conscious Solutions was started as a web design agency aimed specifically to improve the online presence of law firms. 


It eventually became the bright, friendly and very orange company it is today: Conscious Solutions. We live by the simple mantra:“It's not just about having a good looking website - it's about what you do with it once you've got it!”

At Conscious Solutions, we want to help you realise your potential by bringing you out of your shell into the digital spotlight. Whether you need help building a new website, a complete rebrand or you’re having trouble with your social networks, we provide a range of creative services for law firms looking to make their online presence pop. We’ll listen to your ideas and work closely with you every step of the way to ensure you’re getting the most out of your website.


SmartSearch is a unique Anti Money Laundering (AML), Fraud Prevention and Know Your Customer (KYC) platform which incorporates fully automated Sanction, PEP, SIP and RCA screening, along with Daily Monitoring.   The SmartSearch platform is a “one-stop-shop” platform to verify both Individuals and Businesses in 3 seconds and 2 or 3 minutes respectively.

We continue to innovate in this specialist area creating the very best AML, Sanction & PEP screening technology.   The latest version of SmartSearch incorporates a number of unique features such as automated “Sanction and PEP Alerts” that are emailed to the MLRO and /or the Compliance Team.   Daily Monitoring of our client’s customers against any Sanction and PEP changes ensures you and your business remains fully compliant and protected for the life of your contract.    Where a Sanction or PEP match is encountered SmartSearch collates and presents Biography information, Adverse Media and Photographic Evidence to enable automated or manual Enhanced Due Diligence.

Our principal Data Partners are Experian, Equifax and Companies House.  We also licence the Dow Jones “Watchlist” to support our Client’s Sanction & PEP screening, this comprises over 1,100 Regulatory Sanction & PEP Watchlists.   

SmartSearch already serves 1 in 4 of the top Law Firms and 1 in 3 Accountants use SmartSearch, over 4000 firms and 40,000 users.


For over 30 years, Denovo have been successfully providing UK law firms with software business solutions that boost the bottomline, improve office efficiency and maintain Law Society compliance. In 2019 and we embarked on an ambitious software development plan and completely re-designed our software from the ground up. As a result, we have developed unique whole practice management software, known as CaseLoad, for UK based legal practices of all sizes. Developed with ease of use and functionality in mind, the fee earner has never been more informed.


We know running a law firm is competitive. Our software gives you the competitive edge with the most modern features and range of choice in the market. We’ll become partners, with our expert team guiding you all way. Thus, allowing you to reap benefits such as; working smarter, reducing duplication, driving more profit, happier clients, your own time back, being more organised and much more.


Our mission is simple…


To combine proprietary technology and the best talent to develop unrivalled, universally accessible, whole practice management software. We focus on the needs of our partners by pointing out practical applications for our product in the day-to-day life of the average lawyer. By forging connections with the legal profession, we provide smart, time saving solutions allowing firms to focus on the most important aspects of their business – serving their clients and generating profit.

Insight Legal

Insight Legal is an award winning legal accounts, case management and practice management system, specifically designed to meet the needs of UK and Irish Law Firms.  

As one of the few remaining independent software suppliers, our goal is to provide exceptional software and services to firms ranging from sole practitioners to multi-branch practices.

Our team bring together decades of experience with Solicitors` practices to provide you and your firm with a system that meets your needs and support that goes beyond just help on the software.

Insight Legal is both easy to use and easy to move to. With no prohibitive upfront software costs and a simple 30 day or 12 month rolling contract, moving to Insight Legal will be quick, easy and hassle-free.  

At Insight Legal we provide a friendly service, frequent product updates and telephone support from experienced legal cashiers.  We also take a straightforward approach of being open and honest, don’t use jargon or complicated pricing structures and won’t try and sell you anything that you don’t need.  If we don`t think that our software is right for you, we will be the first to tell you.

To our customers, we pride ourselves on being a valued partner and not just a software supplier.

Bar Squared

Bar Squared is the author of the No.1 chambers management software - LEX Chambers Management.

Installed in over 270 chambers worldwide and used daily by more than 12,000 barristers and clerks. LEX is the core business application for 80% of chambers in England and Wales, 100% in Scotland and 25% of the Victorian Bar in Australia, not forgetting those in Singapore, Hong Kong and Barbados.

LEX now integrates with Xero to automatically insert payment data, at the point of receipt, directly into individual barrister versions of Xero. The hassle-free solution to MTD for VAT.

Scalable, feature rich, regularly updated with new functionality and supported by an experienced team of professionals that understand the ever-changing regulatory landscape LEX - the preferred choice for barristers’ chambers. 

To find out more you can call our sales team on (0116) 272 5002 or email 

Perfect Portal

Perfect Portal is a new business management system that empowers legal professionals to take advantage of every opportunity through a convenient, fully integrated and easy to use online platform. Whether the firm is looking to provide transparency, speed up their quoting process, manage their referral network or engage with their clients and keep them informed, Perfect Portal provides a simple solution for effective new business management that improves profitability. On average, Perfect Portal clients are now converting 70%* of quotes across online, private and referred work. Perfect Portal platform can be used by sole practitioners to large firms with multiple branches. 


Offering a technology-forward approach to manage the entire process from quoting to conversion and client and referrer relationships, Perfect Portal is an easy to use platform for law firms to grow their business.


“Having turned to Perfect Portal for our conveyancing quoting, I can say that the calculator has transformed the way we quote and manage our conveyancing transactions. Having used the system for less than 6 months we have seen our conveyancing conversion almost double and this is without winning new referral work. We are now expanding our department to deal with the new work we have won.” – Askews Legal LLP


About poweredbypie

Property Information Exchange Ltd trading as: poweredbypie provides solutions for conducting property searches in addition to developing technical solutions tailored to the needs of the conveyancing industry. Our IT systems process over 3 million individual transactions each year. We process 8,000 Search packs every month and nearly half a million searches a year. poweredbypie’s clients are as diverse as solicitors, estate agents, DEAs, surveyors, panel managers, regulated search agents, and search resellers. 


Our goal is to be the number one supplier of technology to the property market but we look at things differently. By understanding how our customers work, we unlock the power of technology to help clients streamline processes, track progress and deliver best results by managing everything in one place. Our mantra is ‘clever thinking, simple solutions’ designed to help clients move forward in-line with a changing world.


For further information please see:


About Brighter Law

Brighter Law Solutions is the trading name of our solicitor-facing business development brand. We also sell conveyancing searches through a number of other channels.

The Cashroom

The Cashroom Ltd exists to cost effectively deal with the day to day administration of a law firm’s finance function, ensure compliance with the Solicitor’s Accounts Rules, and provide firms with management information and Management Accounts. We provide the time, expertise and the information allowing solicitors to focus on their business.


Our legal cashiering service is delivered remotely by teams of cashiers, working in our two offices. We use our clients’ own practice management system whatever it may be (there is no need to change system), logging on remotely to run their finance function, as if we were in the room next door. The data and postings all remain on the client’s own system. Our client firms have specific key contacts within The Cashroom who very much work as their own team. We also provide payroll services and efficiency and compliance reviews.


We provide an outsourced management accounting service, delivering management accounts and management information to law firms quickly and economically, often to firms who could not afford to employ an accountant to do so. More importantly, we work with clients to analyse that information, helping them understand their firm’s finances more clearly by delivering packs of information showing trends and performance pictorially and with commentary.

Stewart Title

Stewart Title Limited (  has over 25 years’ experience working with lawyers to provide cover for title problems.. 

Cover can be provided by bespoke policies underwritten by our widely experienced and specialist Underwriters  who can advise as to the availability of insurance for a whole range of title problems, both complex and otherwise . Where the defect is unusual or uncommon we can tailor a policy to meet client’s requirements.

Online cover is available through our  intuitive, easy to use ordering system Stewart Online Solution  ( which allows users to access policies for both residential and commercial properties providing cover up to £5,000,000. 

We are always seeking to improve our service and the range of cover available. New policies in 2019 include a policy providing cover for lenders against attempts by landlords of long leasehold properties to repossess on the grounds of arrears of Ground Rent.

Working closely with our colleagues in other jurisdictions, we can provide policies to cover properties in Scotland, Northern Ireland and throughout Europe.

Stewart Title Limited is fully regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority.

SIFA Professional

SIFA was established in 1992, originally as ‘Solicitors for Independent Financial Advice’, to help firms harness the natural synergies between financial and legal professionals. SIFA Professional, our bespoke proposition, designed to assist quality advisory businesses build meaningful partnerships with solicitors, was launched in 2009.

Through our experience, our close working relationship with the Solicitors Regulation Authority and our strategic partnership with The Law Society of England and Wales, we are uniquely positioned to pass on to advisers our knowledge of how best to build working relationships with solicitors. SIFA Professional facilitates interaction between financial advisers and solicitors via seminars, meetings, marketing initiatives, compliant business procedures, and promoting financial advisers through the Law Society-endorsed SIFA Directory of Professional Advisers.


Following 27 years of success and expansion, whilst continually adapting to an ever-changing market, SIFA Professional remains committed to providing the highest quality of services to assist their members work efficiently and compliantly with solicitors, for the benefit of mutual clients.

TM Group Ltd

tmgroup is the largest provider of property searches to the conveyancing sector, but there’s more to us than just searches. Our mission is to make the property transaction easier, quicker and safer by combining passionate people with the latest technology.


We’ve been driven by data since 1999 and have taken time to build partnerships that bring you an unrivalled network of choice – helping you manage the tricky task of buying and selling property.


We are proud to be a part of improving the conveyancing process for everyone. In fact, conveyancers, lenders, estate agents, housing associations and local authorities are already saving time, being more efficient and reducing risk with our powerful online solutions.


As well as being Microsoft certified, we are a leading member of the OSCRE board, whose aim is to standardise automated electronic information exchange, and complies with COPSO and SearchCode standards.


Learn more about us at


F-LEX was founded in 2016 by Mary Bonsor, a former property litigation associate. Her firm overlooked a law school and thought how beneficial it would be to make use of law students to assist her. Spotting a gap in the market for an on-demand paralegal resourcing service, her forward-thinking concept was brought to life by co-founder and technologist, James Moore. 


F-LEX uses technology to connect law firms and in-house counsel with paralegals via our proprietary platform. The paralegals gain invaluable practical experience and the opportunity to hone their skills while for our clients it provides a flexible, quick and cost-effective workforce.


The quality of paralegals is paramount to the success of the platform; all are pre-vetted and undergo a rigorous onboarding process and interview. F-LEX takes care of all background references. This ensures that clients receive high-quality and skilled paralegals who are ready to hit the ground running.

Yoti Sign

Yoti Sign is a cost-disruptive e-signing platform that enables identity verification at the pointof signing. This tamper-proof method of sending documents belongs to a suite of cutting-edge identity and age verification solutions offered by Yoti, the digital identity platform.


Yoti Sign is adaptable to different business needs. At its core, it’s a simple and secure e-signing platform that can be seamlessly integrated into existing systems or used via a web portal. The technology enables a business to instantly send documents to multiple signers across a range of devices and collect legally-compliant e-signatures in seconds. Features include editable text fields, checkboxes, bulk send, embedded signatures and white labeling.

Businesses can also combine the e-signing platform with the Yoti app to verify the identity of the signer and request multiple levels of authorisation; from a name and photo, to biometric authentication. The individual’s identity details will have already been verified by Yoti, through a powerful combination of expert AI and human super recognisers.


Yoti Sign is compliant with the highest international security standards, such as ISO 27001 and SOC 2 Type II. All signatures are fully admissible in court and compliant with eIDAS and GDPR.

Price Bailey

The Price Bailey difference.

Price Bailey has been providing expert business accounts, tax and planning services to the legal sector for several years.


In that time, we have acquired a wide range of clients, including law firms, barristers’ chambers and consultants, and are considered one of the market leaders in the sector.


What makes us unique is the strong personal connection and relationship we develop with each client. Before we work with any client, we listen and gain a deep understanding of their practice; how it works, their objectives and any obstacles that they might be facing. This personalised approach underpins all of our services so that we can tailor the work for each client.


Whether you are struggling with the demands of innovation, coping with the needs and requirements of the current generation in the workplace, or how to manage retirement and succession, Price Bailey’s specialist Legal sector team can help.

New Eden

Unrivalled Cultural Data Analytics that produce 'Management Insights' and 'Risk Profiles' of Professional Service Organisations for both the Client and Insurers


New Eden is a radical re-imagination of the market for underwriting Solicitor’s Professional Indemnity Insurance. It represents a rebalancing of the fundamentals of the insurance world by rewarding well-run commercial entities who are committed to proactively managing their risks, and all underwritten by a global A+ Rated insurer and co-insurers.


Based on over 30 years organizational research and practical applications in identifying the core factors which make a good service good, we focus on the ‘how’ you manage, not simply ‘what’ you do, or did last year. The PII market is hardening and premium increases of 20% are promised over the next few years, as well as that experienced in 2019. New Eden protects you from this impact.


Tailored to your law firms’ needs, we provide either a one-year rolling contract or a four-year fixed contract, agreed at that the outset, where the 4th Year’s ‘Primary Premium’ will be refunded at the end of year 4, providing you remain claims-free, or within an agreed claims ratio percentage. New Eden brings harmony, balance and reward to the world of insurance.

Foresight Ltd

Foresight is an industry-leading nationwide provider, bringing the UK’s most comprehensive panel of expert witnesses to support family and criminal law cases – no matter the disciple, no matter the deadline.

With over 15 years’ in the industry, we’re well-versed in the full breadth of legal cases, helping legal professionals save time and work smarter. Foresight is an agency that truly understands the importance of staying within budget, which is why we work within Legal Aid rates.

We have a comprehensive panel of over 750 expert witnesses, who have relevant court experience, are subject to stringent recruitment and quality checks and have undergone cross examination. Our ever-expanding network of eminent professionals from Psychologists and Psychiatrists to Paediatricians, Toxicologist and Forensic Scientists.

Whatever the case, we have the expert to match. Meteorologists, Maritime Experts and Forensic Lip Readers are just some of the more uncommon expert witnesses we have previously sourced for our customers, ensuring the most suitable expert is always found.

To learn more about our wide range of expert witness services, please visit Or, to stay up to date with everything we have to offer, head over to our Twitter or LinkedIn channels.

BW Legal Services Limited

BW Legal founded in 2009 and since then the business has grown from strength to strength. As the UK’s largest independent debt recovery law firm, they are proud to deliver outstanding results in a fair and ethical manner.


With 265 staff operating from its head office in Leeds, BW Legal is modern, innovative and forward-thinking. Dual regulated by the SRA and FCA, they are specialists in commercial and business debt across all sectors. By investing heavily in cutting-edge technology and digital platforms the business continues to grow and remains proactive in their engagement with clients and customers. 

BW Legal understands the importance of employing the best people with the right skills so that the business remains at the forefront of the industry. Learning and professional development is deeply ingrained into the working culture, with staff at all levels receiving regular training so they are equipped to provide a service that is of the highest quality. 

As a team and individually, colleagues strive to lead by example and their vision is to be a fair and ethical driving force in the debt sector. 

By inspiring colleagues to be progressive in their approach, the business will continue to evolve. 

The Simplify Group

In March of this year, the UK’s two leading conveyancing groups, My Home Move and The Simplify Group, combined to create a conveyancing powerhouse and to become a standout leader in the property industry. The combined organisation, now known as Simplify, benefits from the complementary strengths of the two groups; building on services they currently provide to customers and partners. 


Simplify consists of seven different brands, four of which are regulated property firms; Advantage Property Lawyers, DC Law, JS Law and Premier Property Lawyers. The others are leading conveyancing panel management and property specialist Move With Us and My Home Move (which between them processed or panelled 130,000 conveyancing completions in 2018) and the QualitySolicitors brand and marketing network. 


The business plans significant further growth through investment in service, technology, and further increasing scale over the coming years. In total, Simplify has more than 1,800 employees based at eight UK sites and home-based locations across the UK.

Instalaw Solicitors

Instalaw Solicitors since inception has made a huge impact within the legal community. The firm was awarded Client Care Initiative of the Year 2019 at the Modern Law Awards and most recently, Small Law firm of the Year 2019 at the Law Society Excellence awards.


The firm has two offices in Nottingham and Newcastle-Under-Lyme and specialises in Public Law, Community Care, Actions Against Public Authorities, Judicial Review, Prison Law, Personal Injury and was heavily involved in the Independent Inquiry into Child Sex Abuse (IICSA) which has received nationwide coverage.


Instalaw works closely with Nottingham Law School and is recognised as an official training provider. The firm is the home of the Legal Aid Lawyer of the year 2017 and The Nottingham Law Society Junior Lawyer of the year 2019. 


This year, the Public Law team has been shortlisted for Team of the Year 2020 and Trainee Solicitor Reise Luke has been shortlisted for Rising Star of the Year 2020 and we are all very excited to see what the future holds for the firm and its staff.

The Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEx)

The Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEx) offers specialist and targeted support to law firms, helping to develop your people and grow your business in a highly competitive and rapidly changing environment. 

From supporting the recruitment of CILEx professionals for your organisation; developing and delivering Learning and Development (L&D) strategies linked to your specific business needs, accrediting your training programmes; through to professional support via a host of professional networking opportunities, CILEx is the ideal choice for supporting the development of your workforce, maintaining excellent service standards and improving operational efficiency.

Working with CILEx your business can benefit from:

·      Our expertise and experience in the development of competent legal professionals

·      A formal partnership, showcasing your ongoing commitment to positive action, promoting access to the profession, people development, business success and sector growth. 

·      Increased capability – your staff will gain qualifications, knowledge, confidence and motivation - driving your business forward whilst inspiring others

·      Improved L&D – advice, tools and accreditations to ensure your L&D strategy is the best it can be for your people and your business aims

·      A motivated and satisfied team of lawyers, paralegals and legal professionals 


Email our experienced team of advisors  or visit for more information.

Frenkel Topping Limited

Frenkel Topping Limited is a firm of specialist independent financial advisers with over 40 years’ experience of working with legal professionals and supporting people who’ve suffered catastrophic, life-changing injuries. Pre-settlement, we work closely with law firms by helping assess quantum and supporting with schedules of loss through our range of expert witness reports. Post-settlement, we specialise in advising people on how to invest their settlement and helping to ensure that their money lasts throughout their lifetime.


We’re proud of our heritage and the long-lasting impact it has had on the payment of damages. In 1989, Frenkel Topping Limited was the first ever firm to complete a Structured Settlement in the UK in the case of Kelly-v-Dawes. This landmark case resulted in claimants’ ability to receive their damages as annual payments, guaranteed for the remainder of their lifetime. Since then, we’ve focused on securing the best possible outcomes for our clients, managing their financial wellbeing and helping them plan for the future.


Frenkel Topping is proud to sponsor the ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ which recognises an individual who has made a significant contribution to the profession over a sustained period of time and has had a long-lasting impact in the sector. Undoubtedly, all nominees in this category will have helped to shape the future of the industry for those rising through the ranks. Congratulations from all at Frenkel Topping.

Infolegal Ltd

 Infolegal provides regulatory, compliance and management resources to law firms. Its innovative, online compliance portal provides a wide range of expert, practical and cost-effective advice and support materials on all of the regulatory and compliance aspects of running the modern law firm.  Subscribers can access documents, precedents, training modules and support resources, including:   


  • An Office Procedures Manual,

  • Training modules,

  • Guides, factsheets and compliance information covering many key areas of regulation,

  • Precedents and policies,

  • Checklists and procedures, and

  • Regular compliance bulletins on issues of concern to law firms. 

Complementing the online resources are its consultancy, support and in-house training services.  Infolegal’s directors and consultants have provided legal practice support for many years and have considerable experience with legal practices of all types and sizes. This includes reviewing procedures and policies, advice on setting up and practice structures, systems for COLPs, COFAs and MLROs, money laundering, data protection, legal aid, Lexcel, compliance audits, web and cybersecurity advice and training and support generally.


The breadth and depth of its services, combined with the flexibility of its on-line systems, means that Infolegal can support all law firms and others involved with the law by enabling them to receive the precise service they require.    

Landmark Information

Landmark Information is the UK’s leading provider of land and property search information, including digital mapping and environmental risk reports for property professionals.   It provides a range of location-based risk reports for property transactions, as part of the conveyancing process, for both residential and commercial sectors in England, Wales and Scotland.

Its dedicated, personal approach supports the legal services market in accessing highly detailed property and environmental due diligence reports that can be relied upon, in line with Law Society and SRA requirements.

Landmark offers a comprehensive, flexible and continually evolving range of services to support every type of property transaction. It interprets risk and provides clear, concise guidance and solutions where risk is identified to ensure that conveyancers are not only meeting their regulatory requirements but that transactions progress smoothly.

Landmark’s reports provide insight and intelligence on a wide range of areas, including:

-              Flood Risk

-              Contaminated Land

-              Ground Stability

-              Planning

-              Energy & Infrastructure

-              Mining Risk

-              Subsidence & Sinkholes


Working closely with data providers including Ordnance Survey, the Environment Agency, the Coal Authority and the British Geological Survey enables Landmark to offer current and historical environmental risk management information and desktop mapping solutions for the property industry. 

The CS Partnership

The CS Partnership are lawyers and legal engineers, who help law firms work better. They are both legal experts and technology experts, and help firms ensure that their software, processes and team behaviours are aligned and efficient.  Having practised at the coalface of law, they understand the issues that lawyers face, which enables them to really communicate with your teams.  

The CS Partnership’s services include:

  • Process Mapping

  • Training 

  • Change Management 

  • Bespoke Departmental Consulting 

  • Streamlining Central Processes 

  • Third Party Reports and Integrations 

  • Coaching key members and teams


In addition to their services, The CS Partnership also offer a number of products, including:

  • CQS Policy Pack

  • Workflow Documentation


Their mission is to positively change the legal profession and the way that legal services are delivered.

If you would like an initial, no obligation chat about any of The CS Partnership’s  services, please do not hesitate to contact them at / or by telephone on 0333 9398389 for an initial, no obligation chat.

CRM Insurance Ltd

CRM insurance is a leading provider of residential and commercial legal indemnity insurance products to the UK conveyancing market.


Our mission is to use our expertise, experience and understanding to provide our clients with the service and solutions they need. We believe that our dedicated partnership approach and regular client contact enables us to better support our clients both now and in the future. 


CRM insurance provide different policy types depending on your requirements:


Self-issue residential policies can be easily obtained through either our secure online portal or through our easy-use pack. A wide range of the most popular policy types are instantly available with limits of indemnity up to £3m. We are one of the few providers in the market offering paper as well as online policies.


Bespoke policies can be considered where requirements fall outside of self-issue’s scope. These are created by our experienced team of underwriters and include commercial property, transactions with indemnity limits up to £150m, situations where development is proposed and risk types not covered in self-issue.


Contact us for your quote today by visiting our website, calling 020 7256 3847 or by emailing

DPS Software

You will become more efficient and secure, while gaining the freedom to work from anywhere with DPS Software. The DPS Software range of products include Practice ManagementLegal AccountsClient Portal and a number of mobile apps for both you and your clients.
DPS Spitfire is a completely web-browser based Practice Management Solution, meaning that you can log in from anywhere on any device with a web browser. Spitfire fully integrates with DPS’s holistic range of software, including fully-SRA compliant legal accounts software and a mobile app that allows you to dictate, record time and expenses and manage cases from your phone.

These are complemented by MyLegalSpace (MLS) and DPS SafeChat, the client portal and companion app solution. These allow you to communicate with your clients securely online, sharing documents and milestones. MLS also allows your clients to complete forms, which then updates your system automatically, removing the need for any double entry.

All of our software is available either on-premise or hosted, giving you the freedom to work the way you want, with only one point of contact for all of your support needs. Visit to find out more or give us a call on 020 8804 1022.


In 2001, Stephen Ward and Harry Hodgkin co-founded Clerksroom with an ambition to provide a unique national advice and drafting service for solicitors, lawyers, businesses, and the public.

The company has grown immensely and now has a team of 20 clerks and oversees the worldwide operations of a £12m business. Providing 24/7 availability, Clerksroom has 125 barristers, 270 independent mediators and conducts over 1500 final hearings each month.

Clerksroom is underpinned by award winning technology and client care. The company focuses on combining innovation and the application of modern processes to blend the traditional chambers model and help shape the way legal services are accessed and delivered.

Innovations include Clerksroom’s unique public access portal and Billy Bot, the robot junior clerk and chatbot. 

The most recent Clerksroom technological development, launched in 2019, is Chambers365, which is a cloud-based case management system. 

Chambers 365 has over 21,000 solicitors and 125 barristers as registered users. 

SSB Compliance

SSB Compliance are Legal Compliance Experts that don’t cost the Earth; providing straightforward, practical advice to support you in a complicated and confusing environment.

We work with you, using our wide and detailed knowledge of the SRA and FCA, to create a compliance protocol that helps maximise your performance and satisfy the regulators.

And because we understand that you haven’t got money to burn our fees are the most competitive in the market.

Cook Legal Ltd

Cook Legal Ltd are specialists in legal costs management for all areas of law. We provide affordable solutions for your costing problems.

Owned and managed by Costs Lawyer Robert with a team of dedicated costs professionals on hand, we offer a tailored service to suit law firm’s costing requirements and litigation strategies.

In a nutshell, we offer a premium service without a premium price-tag. Our services cover all aspects of costs management work.

Cook Legal Ltd have recently assisted Higgins & Co Lawyers in the high-profile case of Higgins and Co Lawyers v Evans [2019] which clarified the interpretation of the ‘death clause’ in the Law Society’s Standard CFA. This was a very successful outcome for our Solicitor client.

At Cook Legal Ltd we pride ourselves on excellent service and getting results.

As legal cost specialists, we have a brilliant track record in dealing with all types of costs claims and acting for a variety of law firms. Our clients trust us implicitly to deliver a service that will save them time and money with a no nonsense approach to clear advice.

Please contact us for a no-obligation consultation on how we can assist you in 2020.  0151 665 0326    @Cook_legal

Osprey Approach

For over 30 years, our innovative case management software has helped legal professionals to run effective, efficient and profitable law firms.


The team behind Osprey Approach is made up of people who, collectively, have worked in the legal sector for several decades. We understand the need for fully integrated, compliant and easy to use practice management software that ’just works’.


Osprey helps thousands of lawyers run better law firms every day with an end-to-end, cloud-based approach. From start to finish, Osprey helps you collect and organise client information, share just what you want, and report on the metrics that matter the most to your business.


  • Take new enquiries straight into Osprey via online forms

  • Store all client information in one central place

  • Use your web portal to share key information about their case

  • Save countless hours on repetitive tasks with powerful legal workflows

  • Stay compliant and efficient with fully integrated legal accounts

  • Automate reports to help you to run and grow your business


Once your seamless implementation is complete, all of our customers benefit from all-inclusive training and support, ensuring you and your team are working as effectively as possible.


Book your free demonstration and learn why thousands of lawyers have chosen Osprey Approach to grow their law firms.

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